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The Surprising Reason to Ditch Dairy After a Tooth Extraction

man-talking-with-dental-technician-sq-400Getting a tooth pulled is never fun, but the right aftercare can make the recovery a breeze. Dr Anish, a Newcastle dentist, reveals why your usual dairy go-tos like yoghurt, milk and cheese are best avoided in those first few days.

“The days following an extraction are critical for proper healing,” Dr Anish explains. “Soft foods are recommended, but dairy isn’t actually the best choice.”

Why No Dairy? The Calcium Factor

“Dairy products are loaded with calcium, which can unexpectedly disrupt the healing process,” says Dr Anish. Too much calcium makes it trickier for the extraction site to seal up properly.

Along with the obvious culprits like milk, yoghurt and cheese, Dr Anish also cautions against other calcium-packed foods like:

  • Broccoli, collard greens, bok choy, Chinese cabbage and spinach
  • Tofu (depending on type) or tempeh
  • Calcium-fortified plant milks

“Don’t forget to check labels,” he advises. “Many non-dairy milks have calcium added, and even your daily multi-vitamin might contain it.”

A Temporary Restriction for Long-Term Benefits

While giving up dairy temporarily might seem inconvenient, Dr Anish stresses it’s a small sacrifice for a smooth, speedy recovery. “That initial calcium avoidance allows the extraction site to properly clot and heal without complications,” he explains. “Once you’re fully mended, you can absolutely reintroduce dairy products into your diet.”

A Smooth, Speedy Recovery

“Limiting calcium for just a few days allows everything to heal up nicely,” Dr Anish says. “A little discipline now saves you a whole lot of discomfort down the track.”

He recommends sticking to soft, calcium-free foods until you’re feeling 100% again. Got an upcoming tooth extraction? Our team at 7 Pearls Dental will guide you on what to eat for a fuss-free recovery.



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