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Rochelle, Practice Manager

RochelleRochelle’s journey in the dental industry began in 2007 when she started her career as a dental nurse. Since then, her passion for dental care has only grown stronger. Over the years, Rochelle has dedicated herself to expanding her knowledge and skillset, completing her Certificate III in Dental Assisting, and pursuing additional courses in Myofunctional Therapies, Postural & Breathing Retraining, Infection Prevention & Control, and business development.

Through her dedication and hard work, Rochelle has worked her way up to become the practice manager at 7 Pearls Dental. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail make her a reliable and trusted member of the team. Rochelle’s warm and friendly demeanor ensures that patients feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk through the door.

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Rochelle believes in the importance of creating a warm and friendly environment within the dental surgery. Together with the rest of the team, she is excited to provide an atmosphere where people of all ages and backgrounds feel at ease. Patients can expect personalised care and a comfortable experience during their visit.

Outside of work, Rochelle has a few hobbies that keep her busy. She is passionate about rescuing dogs and finds joy in giving them a loving home. Rochelle also enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends, often getting together for social gatherings. Recently, she has taken up skateboarding, embracing new challenges and experiences.

She looks forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

Chloe, Clinical Coordinator

ChloeChloe has always been interested in dentistry. She originally wanted to become a nurse, but found that dental assisting seemed more interesting and involved. Chloe is studying towards a Certificate III in Dental Assisting at UON. She has also earned a statement of attainment in beauty services, a forklift license, and CPR and first aid certifications.

For Chloe, the most fulfilling aspect of her job is helping and caring for people, and putting their minds at ease.

When she’s not working, Chloe likes playing PC games, and hanging out with her dog Clementine (named after a video game character). She also loves coffee and gardening (she has a lot of house plants!)


Laura, Dental Assistant

Growing up, Laura always enjoyed going to the dentist. Never once did she guess she would one day make a career of working in one! As soon as she discovered how much she enjoyed helping others as a dental assistant, she blended her passion for dentistry with the natural ability of helping others feel comfortable in a typically high-anxiety setting.

Laura has completed a Level III Certification in dental assisting.

Outside of work, she enjoys HIIT training and is extremely active. She also loves to spend time on the beach.

Kalika, Dental Assistant

staff place holder imageFor Kalika, dental assisting is a rewarding and fulfilling career, as it helps restore healthy smiles and confidence.

“I’ve been interested in a career in the healthcare field since I was a senior in high school, and then developed my passion for helping others learn about their oral health when I got into college.” For Kalika, teaching patients about the nuances and functions of teeth and helping them improve their oral hygiene practices is something she believes is essential to helping them better understand how oral health supports overall health.

Kalika earned a BDS and MDS (Orthodontics) from Himachal Pradesh University, India in 2015. In addition to finding joy in caring for patients, Kalika likes that dental assisting is a fast-paced job, and no two days are the same. Being a dental assistant allows her to have so many rewarding moments, but by far her favourite is being a part of giving someone back their smile.

Outside the practice, Kalika enjoys creative arts, cooking and watching movies.

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Rutaba Afreen, Dental Assistant

Rutaba’s passion for dentistry led her to pursue a career in dental healthcare, where she has the chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives every single day.

With a BDS degree from Karachi Medical and Dental College, Rutaba has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in her role as a dental assistant. Her educational background provides a strong foundation for delivering quality care to patients.

Rutaba is committed to continuous learning and professional development. Currently, she is preparing for the ADC (Australian Dental Council) exam to become a licensed dentist in Australia. This dedication reflects her desire to expand her expertise and provide even more comprehensive dental care in the future.
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For Rutaba, the most fulfilling aspect of her profession is the ability to bring smiles to people’s faces. By assisting the dental team, she contributes to creating a comfortable and positive experience for patients. Rutaba understands the importance of oral health and its impact on overall well-being, and she strives to make a difference through her work.

Outside of work, Rutaba nurtures her creativity through painting, allowing her to express herself artistically. She also enjoys hiking, exploring nature, and embracing the beauty of the outdoors. These activities provide balance and inspiration in her life.

Get to know more about her when you book an appointment with our team.

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Georgia, Dental Assistant

Georgia was inspired to work as a dental assistant alongside her uni degree in nursing as it is a great position to learn the practical and social skills required for a career in healthcare.

When she’s not at work Georgia always makes time to go to the gym with friends, walk, and play with her two dogs. She also enjoys social time such as eating out.

All dentists at 7 Pearls Dental are independent contractors.


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