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New Patients

Welcome to 7 Pearls Dental! We cater to all ages, from children to senior citizens. Everyone in our community is welcome at our practice, including emergency cases. Below, you can read about what to expect at your appointment with us.

Your First Visit

We’ll have you fill out some forms about your medical history and your goals. You’ll sit down with one of our dentists, Dr Anish Malesu, to discuss what you’d like to have done, your past dental experiences and procedures, and what has brought you in.

Our exams include an oral cancer screening, a fluoride application and X-rays, if necessary. We’ll also talk to you about oral hygiene advice such as the proper flossing technique and how often you can brush. If any problems are located, we’ll show them to you with our camera so that you can see what we’re discussing.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, we offer free, 30-minute consultations to discuss your options and all costs involved.

Payment Information

All health funds are accepted at our clinic. We participate in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which covers $1000 in basic dental care every two years for eligible children. Department of Veterans’ Affairs cards are also accepted. Interest-free payment plans are available for cosmetic and restorative procedures. Schedule your appointment with us today!


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