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IV Sedation in Newcastle

Patient on chair treatmentDo you wish to sleep right through your dental treatment? At 7 Pearls Dental, we understand that some people may not enjoy going to see the dentist. If you would like to complete your visits with ease, you may be interested in intravenous (IV) sedation.

With sedation, you can have your dental procedure with reduced anxiety and fear. You can also choose conscious sedation, which leaves you awake but feeling more relaxed than usual. You might feel sleepy but will remain conscious.

How It Works at Our Practice

With IV sedation, we have a schedule every 8 weeks where an anaesthetist from a group called Pacific Anaesthesia comes to the practice (provided there is a proper list of patients to see) to sedate the patients. IV sedation is similar to twilight sedation, and the patient is not “under” like general anaesthesia but still has no memory or recollection of the procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about IV sedation, give our practice a call today.


What is full anaesthesia?

Getting full anaesthesia is more complicated than having full conscious sedation. It can only be provided in hospital. If you are interested, please speak with us about it.

What types of services is IV sedation appropriate for?

We’ll be happy to discuss whether it’s right for you. Some of the services that our patients use IV sedation for include wisdom teeth extractions and dental emergencies.

Who will administer my sedation?

We have a fully trained anaesthetist who will do so. This specialist doctor has undergone years of training to provide safe sedation and anaesthetic. They can also identify and deal with any complications from sedation.

How safe is it to get sedation dentistry?

We will monitor you every step of the way. Your anaesthetist remains present throughout the procedure to monitor your vital signs. Life-threatening complications are extremely rare.

Will I need to fast?

You should refrain from drinking or eating six hours before you have sedation. You can have water or clear apple juice up to two hours before getting started.

How is sedation delivered?

You’ll sit in our comfortable dental chair, then have a small drip placed in the back of your hand. You’ll have an oxygen supply through nasal prongs. When it’s safe to start, the sedation will be delivered through the trip.

I don’t like needles. Is there another way to have sedation?

Sedation occurs only through a drip. It cannot be combined with sedation tablets as it can affect your safety during your procedure.

How long does recovery take?

You’ll be awake in less than 10 minutes but feel woozy for up to one day. Have someone drive you home and stay with you overnight. Don’t drink alcohol, drive, sign important documents or use machinery for 24 hours afterwards.

Will I feel any pain?

A local anaesthetic numbs your teeth after sedation has begun. This anaesthetic lasts 2-3 hours in total. You can have additional pain medication if necessary.

What are the costs of sedation?

There are two components to the cost:

  • A facility fee that covers the medication and equipment
  • The anaesthetist’s fee that covers the delivery of the sedation

Can I claim the fees using Medicare or private health cover?

Medicare covers about 30% of the anaesthetist’s fees. Private funds usually don’t cover this portion of the fee. The facility fee isn’t eligible to be claimed.

How do I claim my rebates?

You’ll receive a receipt following your procedure, which can be used to claim your rebate.

What happens if there is an emergency during sedation?

Your anaesthetist is trained to address medical emergencies. They’ll have the proper equipment and medications on hand to help you. If needed, we can arrange transfer to a hospital.

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*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Each smile is unique and individual results may vary.

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