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The Top Four Reasons to Visit Us for Children's Dentistry

There are several area dental practices that may be able to provide your child with the care they need. You might want to consider visiting 7 Pearls Dental for the following reasons:
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  1. You don’t need to start dental care as soon as their first teeth erupt. Instead, we prefer to see your little one by their second birthday. At this young age, we’ll keep their visits, fun and comfortable while giving them the dental care they require.
  2. We can fit your child with the right mouthguard for sport. Many kids enjoy sporting activities but aren’t protecting their teeth, jaws, gums, mouth, head and neck with the proper mouthguard. Though you can buy a “bite and boil” kit at the chemist, they’ll have a lower level of protection and be more susceptible to trauma and injury than with a professional-grade mouthguard.
  3. We accept the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Through this programme, your child could be eligible for up to $1000 in basic dental services every two years! Eligibility is based on whether your family receives a benefit such as Family Tax Benefit A. To learn more, visit the CBDS website here.
  4. Over time, we can monitor the growth and development of your child’s jaws and teeth. Any potential problems can be noted or addressed immediately. We’ll even give you and your kids tips about how to keep their oral health in good shape and to make the right nutritional choices for their teeth.

Let us show your child that their dental visits can be kept fun and enjoyable. They’ll never develop a fear about going to see the dentist and will show off a beautiful, healthy smile for life. Contact us today to book your child’s first appointment!


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