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Whiten Your Smile By Up To 8 Shades!

We Use The Phillip ZOOM Teeth Whitening System

The ZOOM teeth whitening system has provided our patients with excellent results for several years. We offer three intensities (high, medium and low), all of which are completed in-house in about an hour.

Take advantage of our 25% Off Teeth Whitening offer today!

Cost $450 which is 25% off original price and includes a free take home kit for longer lasting results worth $250. Otherwise the take home kit by itself is a ZOOM take home kit and is $250.
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Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening 25% Off

Sometimes the best smile makeover doesn’t involve veneers, braces or tooth recontouring. If your smile is healthy, but you’re looking for a way to refresh it that’s fast and effective, professional teeth whitening may be the best decision!

Professional In-Chair & Take Home Teeth Whitening

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Professional & Take Home Teeth Whitening in Wickham