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Health Tips for Your Children

4 children smilingAs the year kicks off and our little ones are getting ready for school, it’s easy to lose sight of one important thing—maintain proper oral health habits!

After a Holiday season which is often packed full of sweets, hard candies, sugary drinks and other things that are less than ideal for your children’s teeth.

As your Newcastle dentist, we’d like to offer some tips for your child’s oral health this holiday season. And don’t forget, children who are eligible to receive CDBS care can receive up to $1000 worth of dental treatments. If your child qualifies, take advantage of scheduling a checkup and clean before the end of the year.

Limit Treats as Best You Can

We know it can be difficult—with family gatherings and running around, it’s easy for kids to get their hands on too many sweets.

As a tip, travel with your child’s toothbrush and encourage them to brush their teeth after consuming a sweet this season.

Don’t Let Children Use Their Mouths to Open Gifts

It’s actually more common than you’d think, and quite a bad habit. Sometimes, things can be tightly sealed and children (and adults!) opt to use their teeth to open things up. Remind your kids to ask for help if they need assistance opening packages or gifts.

Say ‘No’ to Nail-biting or Thumb-sucking

Children sometimes fall into these habits out of nerves or anxiety, which the holidays can certainly bring. Thumb-sucking in toddlers can lead to jaw problems. Nail biting can chip or break teeth. If you see the behaviour, do your best to correct it in the moment without being too harsh on your child.

Schedule a visit with us

Help your children understand the importance of proper oral hygiene early on by getting them comfortable with visiting our practice. As appointments are filling up, be sure to contact us to schedule as soon as possible.

Looking for more tips and ways to maintain your child’s oral health? We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon–we’ll happily discuss any of your questions in person!

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