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5 Reasons To Wear a Mouthguard

Custom sports mouthguards WickhamIf you have a child who is active in sports, chances are you think they need to protect their teeth—and we couldn’t agree more. At 7 Pearls Dental, we’re proud to offer effective in-practice custom fit mouthguards.

Below, find a few of the top reasons to consider wearing one during active play.

  1. It can help reduce your chance of concussion. Many people find this surprising! However, wearing a mouthguard during active sports can help reduce your chance of concussion as it provides a softer surface that won’t allow your teeth and jaw to “clink” together too rough on impact.
  2. It provides cushion for your teeth against impact. Can you imagine taking a basketball or football directly to the face? This probably wouldn’t end well for your teeth—in fact, it would most likely cause lacerations, chipping or even knock one (or many!) out. Wearing a mouthguard helps cushion your teeth so they’re better protected against impact.
  3. They’re unique to you. Not only will your mouthguard be totally custom to meet your oral health needs for optimal protection, but children also can enjoy picking the perfect colour they’d like to show off.
  4. It can help prevent neck and jaw injuries. Think of a mouthguard as a “seat belt” for your teeth!
  5. You can easily sip water or sports drinks. While it can take some getting used to, it’s important for young athletes to realise that they can still easily sip water or sports drinks through their mouth without removing the mouthguard. In fact, they’re designed for it!

Do you or your child need a custom mouthguard? Contact us today to book your visit — we can happily craft one in just a few minutes!

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